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The Golden Keys Association

of Chinese Taipei


Service Through Friendship
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Here we are

We deliver the best service and the most delicate arrangement to fufill guests' need

Meet The Excom Members

Alex Lai



Regent Taipei

Kevin Lin


Secretary General


Hilton Taipei Sinban

Daniel Liao



Le Meridian Taipei

Eric Lee


Public Relations


Mandarin Oriental

Jeffery Chung




Far Eastern Plaza

About us

"The Golden Keys Association of Chinese Taipei" has been established in 1998, approved by the Taiwan authority in 28th of February 2001, and finally recognized as 37th of official member section from Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hôtels "Les Clefs d'Or" in year of 2003. Currently we have 18 full members, 46 local members and 21 associate membersin 13 different high-end hotels around Taiwan, we aim to deliver the highest quality concierge service in high-end hotels in Taiwan.
Within the association, not only to communicate to each other but to practice our motto "Service Through Friendship." By sharing experiences and various sources from each member, we could reach the highest expectations from guests, whose requests from easiest cake to mission impossible.
Taiwan and its surrounding islands, are situated in East Asia at the northwestern edge of the Pacific. Taiwan has so much to offer. Visitors can enjoy an endless variety of terrains, forests, agricultural products, and marine ecologies, as well as a diversity of ethnic cultures along with enchanting human customs and practices.
The cloud-piercing Taipei 101 tower and the frenetic 24-hour pace of life leaves no doubt about the cosmopolitan nature of our cities. The contrast between city and countryside, together with the blending of the old and the new, leaves visitors with the feeling of being in a time tunnel that passes from the past through the present and into the future.
We welcome you to our friendly Island Paradise! Taiwan is a modern, free, democratic society whose people are hardworking, fun-loving, educated and friendly. Feel free to visit our Les Clefs d’Or Chinese Taipei website and get in touch with one of our dedicated concierge members.
Taiwan warmly welcomes you to a friendly, smart travel experience!
In Service through Friendship

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