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Message from President


國際觀光飯店是都會櫥窗,也是城市與國際接軌的門戶。而隨時為國際客人解決問題的飯店禮賓人員(服務中心人員),對外是”整合服務供應者”,對內則扮演”國際旅遊市場消費情報蒐集者” 的角色。所以,「金鑰匙」可以說是衡量一個國家、城市觀光現代化的一個重要指標之一,成員越多,象徵著這個國家、城市越進步。




“Service Through Friendship ”,是國際金鑰匙協會的格言,而 ”在客人的驚喜中找到富有的人生,在服務他人中找到自己人生的價值 ”,也正是我們身為金鑰匙會員所肩負的神聖使命。


An international tourism hotel is the window to a metropolis and the gateway from the city to the world. The Concierge, whose job is to solve all guest problems instantaneously, plays the external role of “integrated service provider” and the internal role of international “tourism consumer market information collector”. Therefore, Les Clefs d’Or is an important indicator that measures the modernization of a city or country’s tourism industry. The more the members, the more streamlined the city or country is.


As Taiwan’s tourism industry marches firmly towards globalization, Les Clef d’Or Chinese Taipei is also advancing towards the international platform. To come to worldwide standards, we have completed our website structure, organizing all tourism, vacation, meeting, banquet, food & beverage, and transportation information in to one easy to access website that also includes a theme-based map. In the future, our Taiwan branch will further enhance technological communications in order to boost professional skills of our members and friends and develop a program to train prospective workers, reaching out to all schools specializing in hospitality. Moreover, we will direct ourselves toward industrialization and systemization so that we can contend with other members throughout the world.


“Service through Friendship” is the motto of Les Clefs d’Or, and “finding fruitful existence from the pleasant surprises on the guest’s faces and finding one’s self value by serving others” shall be the holy mission of each and every member of les Clefs d’Or.

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