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本會宗旨 Our Tenet


中華民國旅館金鑰匙協會® (The Golden Keys Association of Chinese Taipei®) 為依法設立、非以營利之社會團體。透過旅館同業間交流及分享專業知識與各項資源,彼此相互協助與合作以提昇顧客服務品質,進而增進國民外交;並藉此集合飯店從業人員力量、廣結善緣及資源共享,以提昇台灣旅館業整體服務水準,與國際接軌並尋求旅館業服務型態的超越與創新。









Les Clefs d’Or® is an international network of men and women with common interests and goals. They have their own mystique, a combination of their expertise sources of inside information, intelligence and communication. The Association is non-political, non-religious and definitely not a trade union of any sort but is based on friendship between members to assist international travellers and tourist.


Les Clefs d’Or® is a not-for-profit Association made up of professional hotel Concierge. The Concierge members of this Association are principally dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of travel and tourism. Les Clefs d’Or® members are continuously seeking out innovations and advancements in the travel and tourism industry – focusing particularly on the area of hotel Concierge services, while always respecting the history and traditions of the hotel Concierge profession.


© 2015 by The Golden Keys Association of Chinese Taipei

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